Felony Forgiveness: No good deed goes unpunished

Jefferson CountyColorado

Criminal defense lawyers are required to mouth the same lie in courthouses across the United States: “My client is under no duress in accepting this plea bargain.”

No duress? How about all of the charges that won’t be dropped if the deal isn’t taken? How about the expense and trauma of going to trial if the deal isn’t taken? How about the crimes pleaded guilty to that were never committed, yet lavishly charged? How about the threat of harsher punishment for any conviction if the deal isn’t taken? How about the refusal of any dismissal for cause because prosecutors can force a guilty plea through the duress of endless threats?


The criminal justice system, driven by politicians posing as district attorneys, is a sewer. Those who complain that the courts are too crowded to do away with the poison of the plea bargain have subscribed to a governmental policy of victimization for the sake of efficiency, not justice.

Thomas C. “Doc” Miller, Denver


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The Following Email was sent to all local press in the Denver, Colorado area and posted on the MartialArts InterNet NewsGroup, Rec.Martial-Arts, prior to the hearing on the Motion of Forgiveness filed by Attorney Miller without authorization or authority.  Steve Gartin was then charged with Three Felonies based upon that Motion of Forgiveness and found guilty by a jury and sentenced to two-years in Colorado State Prison.  Attorney Miller was not prosecuted.

an Open Message to Rec.Martial-Arts NewsGroup

From: Steve Gartin
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2004 12:21 AM
Subject: 8 April 2004 - The Final Chapter . . . maybe

This email went out to all local press, media and local People - it is only proper that I should share it with the FreeSteveGartin crowd;

Good evening All:

Please pardon the mass emailing, but my advisory counsel,  Thomas C. "Doc" Miller, the famous Boulder lawyer associated with the Jon Benet Ramsey case, (the only person to be prosecuted) asked me to garner as much support as possible for the hearing on the 8th of April at the Jefferson County CourtHouse - 5th Floor, Division 2 at 9:30, for a hearing on a Motion of Forgiveness and Petition to Seal, wherein he will be offering my forgiveness of the myriad sins, crimes and lawlessness perpetrated upon me http://www.stevegartin.com/jail.htm  by myriad government agents including many involved in the Columbine Tragedy, the Jon Benet Ramsey cover-up and other controversial cases, in the Name of YahSheua, quid pro quo for the Sealing of all the records in all of the myriad cases that they have brought against me that were dismissed or plea bargained and yet remain "on my record" http://www.stevegartin.com/quowarranto.htm  - and, most importantly, the removing of the "Jacket" that requires Special Weapons And Tactics Teams to deploy upon any minimal interaction with me.

Thus far several SWAT Teams have battered down residential doors, swarmed lawful travelers and "taken down" menaced and arrested the elderly, women and endangered a score of children and their parents, in my presence, with laser-sighted, high-capacity, large-caliber automatic weapons under the assumption that, due simply to my training, I am a "danger to police officers" according to the State Attorney General Investigator Gary Clyman http://www.stevegartin.com/veracity.htm 

This hearing portends an end to that insanity and the conclusion my 13 year legal odyssey.  http://www.stevegartin.com/SCBrief.htm

Doc Miller's last telephone message to me demanding that I gather as much support as possible, and to fill the courtroom, ended with the caveat - "your life depends upon it" - so I cannot underestimate the gravity of this hearing.

Doc Miller will be eloquently arguing that governmental prejudice is not conducive to a free society and my forgiveness of their improprieties, lawlessness and cover-ups can end this decade of drama that has spawned hundreds of Civil Rights suits against the Jefferson County Sheriff and management by simply sealing all the records and removing the "death jacket" Gary Clyman and Donald L. Estep have placed in my computerized NCIC/CCIC record, somewhat akin to the Denver SpyFiles wherein my name was also prominently found.

At the least, I'm sure it will be entertaining. The Honorable Leland P. Anderson has requested my attorney to perform some Shakespeare, so drama should not be in short supply! If you can attend, I'd appreciate your kind support.

YHVH Bless you all,

End Note: please feel free to pass this invitation along to anyone concerned with Liberty Issues and oppressive police conduct


Note: One of the Responses Received:

How could something as innocuous as a "Motion of Forgiveness and Petition to Seal" yield such evil fruit? 

Here's some links to court documents filed in this case:

Private Investigator's Report to Judge Leland Anderson {this is the document that initiated the government's offensive actions according to Attorney Miller}

CourtFile  ~  DISCOVERY ~ MarkedUp with Comments

Motion for a New Trial ~ exhibits

Massaro's Motion to Quash

Competency Evaluation Affidavits {Reader's Digest Version}

State Psychiatrist Official Evaluation

Judge Anderson's Competency Order

Chas Clement's Response to Competency Order

Investigator's Response to Attorney Miller

Attorney Reneé Cooper's Bill of Particulars

FelonyForgiveness.  I offered to Forgive criminal government agents for their treasonous and criminal acts perpetrated against me.  Unfortunately, YahSheua was correct when He said: "Give not what is holy to dogs, nor thow your pearls before swine; for fear they should trample them under their feet, and turning, rend you."  (Matthew 7: 6)

This matter found its genesis in the unholy alliance between defense attorneyThomas C. "Doc" Miller, Esquire and the Colorado State Attorney General's Office Special Persecutor Marleen M. Langfield, Esquire

Criminal Attorney Miller, seeking a job at the Colorado StateAttorney General's Office, sought to prevent Steve Gartin from re-filing Civil Rights and R.I.C.O. actions against government criminals after the expiration of the "special probation stipulation" that prevented him from filing or pursuing legal action for lawful redress of grievance during the two year probation period following the inconceivable persecution Steve Gartin suffered for tendering a First Amendment Petition for Redress of Grievance to Colorado State Attorney General Investigator Gary Clyman and Jefferson County Sheriff's Intelligence Officer Donald L. Estep who had committed criminal attrocities against him while acting as agents of the FBI's Joint Domestic Terrorism Task Force.

Criminal Attorney Miller approached Steve Gartin in February of 2004, two months before the return date that would end the two year probation and the unconstitutional agreement not to file lawsuits would expire.  He suggested that if Mr. Gartin would forgive Estep, Clyman, Langfield and Holstlaw, Miller would be able to purge the CCIC/NCIC notation that Steve Gartin was 'armed and dangerous' and that any law enforcement contact with him should be backed up by SWAT Teams, ready to murder him at the slightest move, without provocation. 

Since Mr. Gartin had already forgiven government tortfeasors and was intently engaged in re-building his business and life that the government had destroyed, he saw no reason to object to Miller's proposal.

Criminal Attorney Miller proposed a "Motion of Forgiveness and Petition to Seal" which would offer Steve Gartin's  forgiveness to criminal government agents, quid pro quo the purging of the murderous warning to cops from the CCIC/NCIC databases.

Criminal Attorney Miller refused to show Steve Gartin the motion he had filed with the Jefferson County Court.  You'll see the email exchanges.  He ultimately filed the Motion of Forgiveness and the return date found Judge Stephen Munsinger at the helm rather than Judge Leland Anderson, who was familiar with the case.  As it turned out, Miller did not offer Steve Gartin's FORGIVENESS to them, but rather SOUGHT FORGIVENESS for him for some unknown reason.  Miller then insisted upon delivering his poem to the Judge . . . .  Additionally, in presenting his poorly conceived and un-researched theory to the court, he used the wrong statutes and failed in every way to effectively argue the motion was proposing.  The Judge denied the "motion" and the hearing passed without Miller ever providing Steve Gartin a copy of the motion he had filed.  It would be over a year before Steve Gartin would see a copy of the Motion that Criminal Attorney Miller had filed. 

The most interesting aspect of the entire Attorney Miller debacle is that he was NOT even Steve Gartin's attorney (see page 124 ~ Judicial note for 4/08/2004) and had no authority to file any motions in his behalf.

A month later Private Investigator Frank Pugliese filed suit against Miller for defamation.  A few days later, Steve Gartin also filed suit against Miller for breach of contractA week later Miller called Colorado State Attorney General Special Prosecutor, Marleen Langfield, and told her that he had included a "forged instrument" in the Motion for Forgiveness.  Marleen M. Langfield and Gary Clyman then contacted Jefferson County Deputy D.A. Dennis Hall, Esquire (Now a Judge) and conspired to charge STEVE GARTIN with the "crimes" that Attorney Doc Miller had committed and confessed to.

A year later, Steve Gartin's Civil case against Miller comes up in Boulder Court.  After winning the hearing, he's arrested on three felony charges stemming from the Motion for Forgiveness Miller unilaterally filed, although Miller was not a lawyer on that case. 

Contained herein is the complete case ~ both sides as the case evolves.  The latest incident in this continuing legal drama is the Roswell Incident and it is being updated even now.  Continuing the criminal actions of the Jefferson County Government in conspiracy with rogue agents of the Colorado State Attorney General's office and the Governor is case #07CR1121, wherein Judge Jack Berryhill, a named defendant in civil R.I.C.O. action 01-ES-1145 in Denver Federal Court, commits further attrocities and criminal acts in conspiracy with Attorney Nancy Johnson and District Attorney Scott Story.

Truly,  Steve Gartin

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