Below are the actual emails between court-appointed attorney Nancy Johnson and Steve Gartin and document the progression of case #07-CR-1121 and subsequent happenings:

 07CR1121/01-ES-1145 Jack Berryhill Defendant.msg

 07CR1121/Bond Conditions.msg

 07CR1121/Consent of Surety.msg

 07CR1121/expert 071224.doc

 07CR1121/FW FW ReSchedule.msg

 07CR1121/FW ReSchedule.msg

 07CR1121/Judge Berryhill.msg

 07CR1121/Lack of Jurisdiction.msg

 07CR1121/MIL 071224.doc

 07CR1121/Motions filed.msg


 07CR1121/No Record of Appearance.msg

 07CR1121/oral 071224.doc

 07CR1121/RE Attorney Malfeasance.msg

 07CR1121/Re Bond Conditions (17).msg

 07CR1121/RE Bond Conditions.msg

 07CR1121/Re Friday the 25th (7).msg

 07CR1121/RE Friday the 25th.msg

 07CR1121/Re FW FW ReSchedule.msg

 07CR1121/RE FW ReSchedule (11).msg

 07CR1121/RE FW ReSchedule (12).msg

 07CR1121/RE FW ReSchedule (13).msg

 07CR1121/RE FW ReSchedule (14).msg

 07CR1121/Re FW ReSchedule (15).msg

 07CR1121/RE FW ReSchedule.msg

 07CR1121/Re Judge Berryhill.msg

 07CR1121/Re Motions (10).msg

 07CR1121/RE Motions (8).msg

 07CR1121/RE Motions (9).msg

 07CR1121/RE Motions filed.msg

 07CR1121/RE Motions.msg

 07CR1121/Re No Record of Appearance.msg

 07CR1121/Re RE Attorney Malfeasance.msg

 07CR1121/RE Status - CC to Surety (1).msg

 07CR1121/RE Status - CC to Surety (2).msg

 07CR1121/RE Status - CC to Surety.msg

 07CR1121/RE Status (3).msg

 07CR1121/Re Status (4).msg

 07CR1121/RE Status .msg

 07CR1121/Re The Roswell Incident.msg

 07CR1121/Re Waiver of Extradition (16).msg

 07CR1121/RE Waiver of Extradition.msg

 07CR1121/RE Witnesses (5).msg

 07CR1121/Re Witnesses (6).msg

 07CR1121/RE Witnesses.msg

 07CR1121/Status .msg

 07CR1121/The Roswell Incident.msg

 07CR1121/Vindictive Prosecution.msg

 07CR1121/Waiver of Extradition.msg